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    Portal or Multiple Fields


      Hello All,

      I'd greatly appreicate any help someone could give me..

      I'm building a solution for a small independant business who test serialised equipment.

      In this instance I have a table that is like a worksheet/data entry sheet.

      I need each 'line' on this form to be unique so that the user can test a number of pieces of the same type of equipment but be able to have different values in the fields. Just like a normal table in excel/word etc.

      For some reason I can't seem to uploda images of the sheet I'm working on here so i hope this makes sense.


      Do I need to create LOTS of different fields, like serial no 1, serial no 2 serial no 3 etc etc for each 'line' that I want on the form? Or is there a better way? Each 'line' needs to be archived too in order to build the history of testing on that piece of equipment.

      As I said any advice would be great or let me know what otehr info you need.



      In the uploaded file it is the gas cylinder worksheet I am referring to.