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    WebDirect and Body Part background Image


      I have created a layout and set the body to have a background image. On WebDirect it appears as a white background instead of the image. I have switched it to solid color and WebDirect shows the correct color. But when I put image, it does not display. I have tried a JPG and a PNG image for the background.


      I also tried making a box the entire background and set it to the back most layer. I then filled the box with the photo. But still, only get a white background (or solid color if I change it to solid color fill).


      Any suggestions?



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          Use a color or gradient as a background. Image backgrounds are just asking for trouble in WebDirect.


          It sounds like your image is not loading. How big is the image? Can you see a reference to the image using a tool like chrome developer tools (and can you click the reference and load it)?


          Can you just insert the picture on the layout as it is (not as a background object) and have it load?

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            Thanks for the response.  I was trying to use the image to be consistent with our external branding. 


            The image was only 25k as a jpg, 250k as a png.  I did not try seeing if the reference to the image was there.  that's a good suggestion.  I tried that but did not see any references to the image file.  Frankly, was a lot of CSS and hTML to go through so I may have missed that. 


            I had inserted a picture into the layout (a logo) and that did load fine.  Just when I made the background image of the Body or a Square object into the photo, it would not load. 



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              Have you tried all the different parameters for how the image fills the background?


              Also, have you tried just opening the image in your browser to see if something is wrong with it's format?


              250k is suspiciously large for just a format change. I would stick with the jpg or use an image optimizer like smush.it