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    Using MacGDBp with FM Server 13




      I just upgraded my dev server environment from FMS 12 to FMS Server 13. I told the deployment to use exisitng php installation as I have/had xdebug set up and running so I can use MacGDB to debug my cwp php. Now, when I open MacGDB and run a web page, the debugger stops execution like it should, but the php source code is not shown, and the error string 'can not open file' is shown. BTW, if I click on the 'continue' button, the script executes correctly. I just can't see my source or variables in the debugger!


      I've made sure that the permissions are set up properly for the web server folder ( they are). I'm not sure what settings xdebug should show in phpinfo();


      I'm stuck. Any ideas?