Weird InsertFromURL Problem

Discussion created by briancrockett on Oct 20, 2014
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My partner and I have been puzzling this for about a week now. I doubt if anyone will have an answer but at this point I'm a little desperate for new ideas.


Some Background

We have emails that go out from FM at night. Some of these reference our Web server and ask clients to download a file specific to the session they attended. We were getting complaints that sometimes the file is not on the web page as indicated in the email. So I was asked to verify if the file was there and change the text to not reference the file if it's not there. I asked our web guys for help and they provided me a URL where I could pass the session number and get a return of true or false if the session file was there or not. DEAD SIMPLE! I use InsertFromURL to set a field using the value returned from the URL and it works great during testing. I then use the value in the field as part of a calc to substitute the correct text for the email.


The problem:

Doesn't work during the nightly routines and clients ended up getting the wrong email text. The web guys went through their logs and there were no hits on their server during the night just the ones from testing during the day. I added another script step to capture the error message It returned 102 (Field Missing).

  1. Asked the network guys, there are no time restrictions on the firewall or routers that would block the IP.
  2. The context is correct for setting the field using InsertFromURLto as there are SetField statements to the same table before and after the InsertFromURL step and they are working. Including the field I used to capture the error.
  3. We wondered if the problem was the speed of the loop was too fast for the web page to respond so we added a .5 second delay after the InsertFromURL step. No go.


Any ideas of where else to look would be appreciated.