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    Printing doubling lines on page break


      Having an issue where a layout (an admittedly terribly complex one) is sometimes duplicating a line at the end of the page at the beginning of the next page.


      I believe the attached demo file confirms it's a bug, but I'm having trouble finding where to submit this.


      The attached file is where I brought in the layout from the solution where the problem is an issue, and then removed as many complications as I could find while still keeping the demonstrated issue. On the data layout, note the highlighted line from record 5. On the print layout, in preview, note that the highlighted line shows at both the bottom of page 1 and the top of page 2. This is in Windows7 and 8.1, using FMPA 13.0.v3. The same file does not have this issue in FM12. Not sure if it happens on Mac. The clients are windows and FMP13, though.


      In the actual solution, this layout is a report generator, based on a virtual list, with some very complex options, tab stops, page breaking and so forth. Many of the complications were actually a side-effect of trying to get around this bug.


      I believe I've exhausted the possible ways of working around this bug, given the complex constraints in the actual solution. I just need to know how to submit this as a bug report so it can be fixed.


      Chris Cain



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          I went to the layout setting and changed the Printing margins to .5 inches each and the problem went away.

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            After a couple of months of "fixes" like that, I've learned to count on this coming up again with different combinations of text.


            When you change the margins (or add spaces between fields, or adjust the sliding, or make the fields wider/narrower, or any number of other things like this that I've tried) you change where lines start and end, both horizontally and vertically, so chances are you'll coincidentally "fix" it. A few more reports go out, and then you find the combination of characters that breaks it again.


            Bottom line, there's no good reason for a line to repeat on the printout unless the data repeats. (I will say this is better than the bug that was in 10 where a line would be skipped... same client.)


            I need to know how to properly report this as a bug and hopefully get it fixed. Producing narrative, deliverable reports is a key aspect of this client's business, and if we can't fix this in a reasonable timeframe we need to consider either rolling back to FM12 or redisigning with a 3rd party plugin or app handling the printing.



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              I feel your pain.  I also specialize in printing forms and spend 100s of hours trying to get FileMaker to print properly.  Every version of FileMaker has printing problem.  FM 11 and 12 where especially problematic.  Here is where to report bugs http://forums.filemaker.com/hives/1eea103f05/summary .  Printing usually does get better with version revs.  The problem I'm having with 13 is if I script out multiple pages to print, the script will crash and FileMaker needs to be restarted.

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                Strange, but I tried that link earlier and couldn't log in. Now I can, after trying alternate credentials... but it tells me my password is wrong, then logs me in and thinks that I'm one of my other clients. Where do a go to report a bug in the bug report? :-D


                Anyhow, I've posted this now. Hopefully I'll get a fix before I'm forced to roll back or do an overhaul of the whole thing with a 3rd party product.