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Can't start FMPA 12 because of IWP

Question asked by planteg on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2014 by planteg

Hi all,


I have suddenly have an issue with FMPA 12.0.v4


OS: Windows 7 64-bit SP1 full patch


Installed FM:


  • FMPA 12.0v4
  • FMP 13.? trial


I worked with the trial of FPM 13 for a while and today I can't start FMPA 12. Oh boy it' getting worst .


The first issue was that if I double clicked the FMPA 12 icon, program started to load and when trying to start IWP, I got the error message "filemaker cannot share files over the web because instant web publishing could not be started". Clicking Ok would dismiss the message and stop FileMaker.


I then tried using FMP 13, but it wont work either. When I click Try FileMaker Pro, FM closes the light and is gone.


Back to to FMPA 12, I double click the icon, get the regular splash-screen and FileMaker goes away.


No clues in Windows logs.


Someone has an idea what happened ? Just before, I updated Java to (73223(&(&&(&/!"/" can't even check the Java version. Configure Java and About Java don't work... Could an issue with Java give FM headaches ? I think the version just installed is Version 7 Update 77.