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    Can object sliding be used on form ? (not printing)


      I am looking for a way to move form display objects when a previous field id hidden. Similar to my understanding of the slide property for printing. I have conditionally displayed fields and would like the space they take to be eliminated when the object is not displayed. Is the a form control to make this happen ?




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          Nope, I've added multiple feature requests, as this would be useful in WebDirect as well.


          Currently sliding/resize behavior is only shown in preview mode, and does not respect objects that are hidden with the Hide Object When condition.


          The only current way to accomplish it would be to "stack" every possible combination of field positions on your layout, and show the ones you need at any given time based on a calculation. I've used something like this for portals, but it gets messy fast and I wouldn't recommend it on a full scale.


          Another new trend has been scrapping native filemaker layouts and using webviewer based layouts instead. There's a lot of overhead to create this for what you're describing, but it's possible.

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            There is another way you might be able to do this if you can create your form in list view using multiple sub-summaries.  Sub-summary will hide or become visual depending upon how you sort.  When they hide the space they occupy is also removed from the layout.  Use script trigger to perform different sorts depending upon what you want to see. Sub-summaries will not display if you do not sort on the field that the sub-summary is based on.  If you try this the first sort should be the unique identifier for the record and your found count should be just the current record that you are working on.