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Value List: different result depending on control style

Question asked by planteg on Oct 22, 2014
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Hi all,


I am creating my first database in FM, prototypes for the time being. In a layout I have three fields whose value is selected from a Value List. All these Value Lists are configured that way:


Value List.jpg

That is first column is the value to set the field to and the second column is the value to display. Then I expect that value from the second column to show up in the field. Well, this is what I get... sometimes . If Control Style is set to Pop-up menu, that's Ok, but if it's set to Drop-down list, I get the value from column displayed. Here is an example:


Value list example.jpg


_fk_Client is a drop-down, _fk_Manufact and _fk_Modele are pop-up.


I use FM Pro 13.0v3 on Windows 7. I checked on FM Go 13.0.5, same result.


So, is this a bug, a feature or is the problem on the chair ?