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    Develop Filemaker


      How to develop filemaker server 13 I use filemaker pro?

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          Best Regard.


          Sorry, I need to know how to develop, so I have filemaker server license, do not have the filemaker pro.

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            prduarte wrote:


            Best Regard.


            Sorry, I need to know how to develop, so I have filemaker server license, do not have the filemaker pro.


            Prduarte -


            FileMaker Server's main purpose in life is to share FileMaker Pro files either with other FileMaker Pro users, FileMaker Go users, or web clients.  It does not contain any development functionality.  In order to develop for FileMaker Server you need to create a FileMaker solution and to do that you need FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced.


            If you don't have a FileMaker Pro license as of yet, you can download a 30-day trial from our website and check it out.  It is fully functional and any work you do during the trial period can be used in a licensed version of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced if you decided to purchase a license.


            Steve Romig

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Development is in FM Pro or Pro Advanced. The Advanced version includes additional development tools. FM Server is for network sharing of databases that goes beyond the 5 users supported by FM Pro. I suggest you start by downloading a trial copy of FM Pro from here:




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                OK, in this case you need a copy of FileMaker Pro (preferably Advanced) in order to start developing.


                Think of FileMaker as if you were working in Excel.


                Excel is to a spreadsheet what FileMaker Pro is to a FileMaker Document. Right?.


                With FileMaker Pro you create a FileMaker Document (a Database solution) which can be opened by other people using FileMaker Pro, just like you create a spreadsheet in Excel and other people using Excel can open and make changes to your spreadsheet.


                If you need to share your database solution with more than three people, then you need FileMaker Server. FileMaker Server publishes your database solution on your network so up to 250 people can connect to it and use it at the same time.


                So, once you have FileMaker Pro, then you can download the basic training course and start learning. It's not as hard as learning Java or C++ but it will take a while until you can develop a commercial-grade solution, so be patient and come back here if you have doubts.


                Once you learn things in FileMaker it would be great if you also come back here to help others, that's the spirit of this place.


                Good luck and enjoy!.





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                  By the way, if you speak spanish we can help here too.

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                    Thanks for the help, thought the signature (filemaker developer community) gave the right to license filemaker pro because it is a signature for developers, but it seems I have to buy the license filemaker pro, since a trial license period has a short for learning.


                    I have some experience with MS Access and SQL Server, Filemaker since I have thought about some needs that Filemaker could meet quickly. But without the Advanced or Pro license will not be possible.



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                      That is correct - you need FMPro or FMPro Advanced to create databases. These can be opened with FMGo or hosted on FMServer, too.



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                        If you have any plans to develop or learn filemaker, then the investment in a copy of filemaker pro 13 advanced is a requirement.


                        Currently FileMaker is offering a buy one get one free deal:


                        until December 10th. So you will at least get two licenses now for the price of one.