Have I found a processor core limitation or something else?

Discussion created by bigtom on Oct 21, 2014
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I sometimes have an issue where FMPro and FMGo go really slow when dealing with images into containers. I have a quad core 2.6 Mac mini with dual SSD in RAID1.


Normally this is pretty instataneous on the images in. When it happens that a number of images, usually 3 or more are all being saved to a container at nearly the same time by different users the system slows down. This usually hits the ipads the worst with up to a 30 sec wait. The iPads take the photo and insert to container and then resize the image via script and commit the record. FMP clients Insert the image, set another field by script after exporting to a file the adjusting image quality to get the images under 120kb, resize for thumbnail on the layout and commit the record by script. There is a little more than just inserting the image to the comtainer going on.


I try my best to replicate the problem and what I see is:


In the server stats I can see the disk read and write are nothing out of control around 1500kb/s. I have a max on the stat chart of 23,000kb/s that happens when moving larger pdf files into FM. The drives are good for a whole lot more than that.


The data in and out over the network is also nothing spectacular to worry about for the wired clients 4000kb/s. This may be pushing it for the iPads over wifi, but that is not all trying to come from one iPad and the images from the iPads are much smaller than the ones the Pro clients deal with.


The remote calls/s and calls in progress spike up as well as the time/call and I think that is leading me to think the issue is with the server processor. But the CPU Load in the activity monitor on the server never seems to climb over 50% even when I try to push it hard with 4 users repeatedly dumping images into the system or running intensive scripts.


This seems to happne once every few weeks by chance. I am not really thinking I need a new server for these rare ocasions. I would like a little more insight into this if anyone has any.