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    FileMaker Go Deleting Records


      The Run Down

      Quality Buildings delivers portable storage buildings. Our drivers use FileMaker Go to send data to the main Database. We have dispatch routes on their iPads that let them know where to go and to retrieve customer signatures and pictures of damaged buildings. We also have AT&T AirWatch installed as a security protocol. All iPads use FileMaker Go version 13.0.5.


      Pattern/Reports of Problem

      This glitch repeatedly deletes FileMaker Go records while viewing maps that are opened with a button set to “open URL”. The driver usually views the map, then sets down the iPad and it goes into hibernation. When the driver picks back up the iPad to look at the map and then go back to the FileMaker App, the records have been deleted.

      One of our drivers last night reported that his records were deleted while running the night syncing script. Our syncing script saves data to a local Sync file on the iPad until the driver has good reception and can transmit it to the Database. I've been unable to duplicate this problem.


      URL Length

      While we experience issues with FileMaker Go opening lengthy URLs we implemented the use of Google URL Shortener and this seemed to fix that issue.


      Additional Info

      Seemingly this issue started happening after the iOS 8.0.x update but drivers have reported the same while using 7.1.2.

      There are no scripts that delete records besides the syncing scripts. Which these are not ran throughout the day. We just have a morning sync that sends records to the iPad and a night sync that imports records from the iPad to the Database. I am getting reports that drivers have to perform morning syncs up to eight times a day.




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