New FileMaker Product line focused towards developers

Discussion created by worldcloud on Oct 22, 2014
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One of the most popular posts on Technet right now is discussing what people would like to see in the next version of FileMaker. I certainly have my 'wish list', but the reaility is that many of us on this site are more 'technical' than the average FileMaker user. FileMaker, Inc. appears to walk a tigh rope between creating a product which is easy for new users to get started with and a tool which give developers the power that they desire. Generally, I think that FileMaker has done a pretty good job with this balance in recent years; however, my question to the group is what if FileMaker, Inc. created a new product line which was more developer-centric.


If this new FileMaker prodcut was a separate product line, then FileMaker would be 'free' to explore new features and codebases without the 'backwards' compatibility issues. They could start with the resources that they already have in place and build out a 'FileMaker Platinum based product line.


If FIleMaker where to create such a product line, what direction/ features do you think they should go?


On my list would be:


>> iOS FileMaker runtime solutions (I'm even okay with no networking)

>> Runtime engine for FileMaker Pro which included networking (and required concurrent licensing)

>> New plug-in API which did more than simply extend the calculation engine

>> Increased SQL support

>> More access to CSS

>> libraries- packages of tables, functions, scripts, etc which could be refenced by multiple solutions




Actually, my list is much larger than this but I feel that FileMaker is already working on many of my other requests and/or many of my other request start to get too specific to have a large likely client base.


What would you like to see? How should it be licensed?