Yosemite Phone Handoff - Can We Use the Phone Number to Open Records?

Discussion created by BMyers on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2014 by BMyers

I've been using the new phone handoff feature in OSX Yosemite to transfer calls from an iPhone to a MacBook. It's pretty handy. I use an external microphone for dictation anyway, so the sound quality is pretty good. I haven't tried setting up a bluetooth headset yet.


So here is my question: iOS is passing the incoming phone number to OSX, so it made me wonder if there is some way to pass the number to FMP. This could then be used to open a contact's details, a customer file, notes, etc.


I searched for an AppleScript function but can't find any discussion of it anywhere. It's hard to imagine that Apple didn't consider the possibility. Does anyone on the fourm know anything about this?