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How to get rid of "Save changes to this record"

Question asked by planteg on Oct 22, 2014
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I searched the forum about that question, but didn't fin any answer that fits my needs.


This is for regular layout. I dislike systems where records are saved automatically by clicking outside a field on a lyout. I wish to provide a Save/Create button as well as a cancel button.


I unchecked the Save record changes automatically check box. But if I click on the layout outside any field, I get the message asking if I wish to save the record .


I tried this:


  • use a global variable to determine if onReccordCommit was triggered by my Save/Create button
  • attached a script on the onRecordCommit script trigger for the layout:



But that does not work, I always get the dialog . $$Commit is set to 0 when the database opens (onFisrtWindowOpen).


How can I succeed ?