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    FileMaker Pro Advanced: do we get the software as part of the FDS or FBA membership?



      Is a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced included as part of the FileMaker Developer Subscription (FDS) or the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) membership?




      I mentioned the FileMaker Pro Advanced software, the FDS and the FBA to a client recently.

      This client is taking to the FileMaker Pro software enthusiastically, learning new skills everyday and thinking about database development as a future career change.


      I suggested:

      (a) using FileMaker Pro Advanced and

      (b) a subscription to the Filemaker Technical Network


      Checking the FileMaker Inc. web site, I cannot determine if the FDS or FBA membership includes a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced:

      FDS - FileMaker Developer Subscription



      FBA - FileMaker Business Alliance



      My guess is the FDS membership because it provides a 3 connection copy of Server, a copy of the training series and access to pre-release software.

      However, I receive a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced and I historically thought it was part of my FBA membership payment but the web site only mentions software for Trainer Level Members.



      Thanks in advance.



      Michael Richards

      Brisbane (Australia)