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    Change printer with script issue


      Hi all,


      I have an issue there the printer does not seem to stick in the script for one user but it works for the other users. They are using different printers for different print jobs.

      We have tried to find out if there is any differences between the computers regarding printer names but cannot find any. If I change the script step with the printing format so that it works for the user it does not currently work for, all other users got the problem. The problem gets inverted.

      Where can I check to make sure that FileMaker recognize the printer.


      The customer is using FileMaker Pro 13 on Windows 7.



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          Is the problem workstation using a different printer driver to all the others?

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            I'm pretty sure that it doesn't but I can check it again.

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              Now I have checked with my customer. It's the same driver.

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                I had a lot of trouble with this printing for different printers. What I ended up doing was just giving the user the choice to select the printer each time. I make sure the print dialog comes up to allow them to choose.


                In routines where the script needs to print more than one record, I picked up a technique from here.

                You print in a loop, one record at a time instead of printing "all records" or "Found records" as the choices in the print dialog. Print one record at a time.

                Here's the workflow;

                1. Find the records to print.

                2. Go to first record

                3. Print the first record (using print dialog options)

                4. Start your loop

                5. Go to next record.

                6. Print, supressing the print dialog options

                7. Repeat until all records are printed.


                *** Or I suppose you could print just the first record with the print dialog options avaiable, then print the remaining records (omit the first one) without the print dialog option. I havent' tested that to see if it would retain the printer for the remaining records. I assume so.

                I found that the option your user chooses at the first record will stay true for all remaining records in the found set. (Again, someone here on TechNet pointed me to that truism).

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                  Windows can be funny about these things sometimes.  You could try deleting the printer and re-creating it.  To be very thourough  reboot the computer after you deleting the printer the create the new one. 



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                    Thanks Jeremy! That's a method that was used in older versions of FM but nowadays FileMaker suppose to handle changing printer without that solution or a plug in. It works for me in other solutions and environments.


                    I've seen a checklist somewhere regarding printing but cannot remember where... It's something about that the path to the printer must be the same on every workstation and I'm not sure where to check that path.

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                      It's worth a try!