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Hide object when, when is it evaluated?

Question asked by planteg on Oct 23, 2014
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on a layout, I wish to tell the user if some field have been modified. To implement that I have a Text object that I wish to hide when there are no modifications pending. Hide object when is set to Get (RecordOpenState) = 0.


What I expect is that as soon as field is modified, the Text object will be visible. That's Ok if I need to go to a different field. This is not what I get.


Since it didn't seem to work, I added a button that tells the value returned by Get (RecordOpenState). So I start editing a field and hit the button. I am told that the value is 2, so the Text object should now be visible, but it's not. I continued to search for and discovered that I need to cancel a commit for the field to appear - I have scripts that prevent an auto-commit when clicking outside a field.


It looks like the calculation for the field is triggered only when I cancel the commit.


Someone can explain that behavior ?