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Failure to Open Remote File - Stumped!

Question asked by maestrodevelopment on Oct 23, 2014
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Let me clarify. The file sits on a web hosting provider. So I cannot open their ports nor can I run Filemaker from there. So the file just sits on an accessible directory. I want to be able to read and do a small update from a variety of Filemaker users who are remote. Never multi-user. Just access, update and exit.




I have a file on a hosting site (not FM Server). We will call it fooey.fmp12 as I am not getting too far with it. If I use the standard it will download the file as a text file to my desktop. So it knows it is there. If I change the file name on the host by adding .fmp12 (i.e. it will download it as FileMaker file to my desktop. (If a put a pdf file in the same root, Safari will actually open the pdf file.) So: (1) the file is there (2) Safari has no problem getting to the files and (3) extensions do not affect the download. But then I when I go to FileMaker and use open remote as a FileMaker Pro file, it comes back saying that the fooey.fmp12 file is not found (Actual messgae: The file “fooey.fmp12: could not be opened. Either the host is not available or the file is not available on that host. The command Filemaker uses is fmnet:/ Why does FM fail to find the file let alone open it?


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