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    List Formatting Columns


      How do I get listed data formatted to account for different lengths of number and text variables so they stay in nice neat columns, such as below? Thank you in advance.


      Name Name Name

      ### ## ###

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          Well, we don't know the circumstances in which you plan to display that list; let's just say that one way would be to use tabs as column delimiters and display the list in a field formatted with the desired tab stop positions.


          No idea if that is applicable in your case.

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            Hi Hockman11


            FileMaker provides a few options to view listed data:

            (1) Form View to view a single record

            (2) List View to view multiple records and where each field is a box field or a merge field (each column separated by a tab stop) and possibly a mixture of box and merge fields

            (3) Table View to view multiple records and mimic a spreadsheet


            Each viewing option provides beneficial functionality and limitations.

            Please see the attached demonstration database illustrating some of the techniques above.


            Hope this helps.



            Michael Richards

            Brisbane (Australia)

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              This list would be in a calculation taking data from from fields to list scores from tests.


              Test Name       Scores

              Reading               85

              Math             100


              The length of the name and scores will vary so I cannot figure out how to account for the the spaces between the name and score differences.

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                h..11, Perhaps this article would help? I often "pad" to make text format (single field) appear in nice columns. I do use the method of setting tab-stops if this is for use in FMP on a layout. However, these tab settings do NOT translate if the text needs to be inserted into an email, for example. Ergo the method I outline in the article:






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                  Don't overlook what erolst said: the data is displayed "in a field formatted with the desired tab stop positions".  You set the tabs using the Appearance Inspector.

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                    Absolutely! tabs stops are handy for right-justifying (numbers) or on the decimal point (numbers). Study up on how these little wonders work.


                    It all depends on where the data needs to be displayed...