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External File Refresh on FM Go from Dropbox

Question asked by lkeyes on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by rgordon

Just wondered if anyone had a similar experience with Dropbox.


I have a FM file stored on Dropbox. I open this on my iPad (v.1) via the Dropbox app

1. Go to Dropbox

2. Tap (select) the Filemaker file within Dropbox. (Dropbox says it can't open this file)

3. Click on the "download" icon within DB... and it comes up and says "Open With"

4. Click on FileMaker Go.


Since this is an iPad 1, I'm running Go_12.08 and iOS 5.1.1 .


I can open my file just fine. Problem is, the next time I open it using the same procedure....downloading from DropBox, it doesn't refresh. It seems to be the same file that was downloaded previously. Any changes that I made on the DropBox version of the file using FMPA, including adding new records, or modifying the layout....are not shown when I try downloading and open it again.


It certainly appears to be downloading again because it will create a duplicate filename with a 1 appended.. i.e. if I have a file nameed Flashcards.fmp12, a subsequent download will create a new file Flashcards1.fmp12.


Somehow, however it seems to be accessing a version stuck in the cache on the iPad.


If I delete the file in Go's file browser, and then download again from DropBox ..... it *still* brings up the old version. Weird.


As a workaround...I can eMail myself the file as an attachement and that seems to work reliably..... but I'd sure like to be able to use the Dropbox version.


Any ideas?


---- Larry