Relationship Help (conditional relationship)

Discussion created by deninger on Oct 24, 2014
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I am working with a relationship that I am having difficulty modeling within FM and I was hoping someone might be able to push me in the right direction.


The relationship is set to include both matching attributes A and B as illustrated below.


Table 1 Table 2

Attrib_A _________/ Attrib_A // Attrib_A and _B are both > 0

Attrib_B /  Attrib_B


This works fine, but I also want the relationship to resolve to just:


Table 1 Table 2

Attrib_A >---------< Attrib_A // only match on Attrib_A because

Attrib_B Attrib_B // Attrib_B in Table 2 is set to "00" or is empty


in the case that Attrib_B in Table 2 is either empty or "00" (the default "all" value)


Is this possible in FM? I am trying to think of a calculation trick to enable this, but so far I have come up blank.