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    Hiding "Status Progress"


      I have a "Delete All" script steps in the system and users get to see "Deleting All records" or "Records remaing to delete: xxx" message. Can this message which appears at the botton of the iPad screen be disabled to give users a "peace of mind".


      This message makes users nervous as they thought they have done something wrong.

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          The message appears when the number of records exceeds a certain threshold. You can't directly suppress it; it's intended to give feedback so the user knows the system isn't just locked up. You have a few options:


          1) Break your deletion into chunks. Say, 500 records or so. (You might have to do some experimenting to find a good number that reliably prevents the dialog from appearing.)


          2) Create your own custom progress bar that says something other than "deleting all". Maybe, "cleaning up" or "processing". There are plenty of examples online for creating your own progress dialog.


          3) Sometimes,  the deletion takes longer because FileMaker has to assemble the list of related records to remove as part of a cascading delete. If this is the case, you can speed things up (and possibly prevent the dialog from appearing) by deleting the child records first.


          Because the dialog appears to prevent users from thinking something's broken, I suggest you not simply suppress or dodge it. It's best to provide user feedback so they don't do something silly like force quit the application during the operation.





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            Assuming you're using FM 13 you could use Perfrom Script On Server to delete the records. It will be much faster and you can optionally not wait for it to complete before you're local script contines.

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              Hi Mike, Mark,


              The situation arises especially when the user access via iPad via 3G/4G network. There is no cascading delete in this case and the deletion involves approximately less than 100 records. And I am using FMS 12, hence, perform script on server can’t be used.


              I think I will try to delete in smaller chunk, though seems “silly” to do but worth it if it make my clients happier

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                Do the records need to be deleted immediately? Could you flag them some how so they don't appear to the user? Then delete all of these marked records via a server script at some other point.


                It could mean a few changes in other spots; a "Display All Records" and any searches would have to have a constrain applied to them to eliminate these flagged records.

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                  The table is used as an intermediary for specific purpose. I can use the “flag-as-delete” method. But as you have mentioned, it requires changes in other spots too which can also lead to unforeseen errors.