FM13 Portal Not Creating Related Records

Discussion created by andypost on Oct 26, 2014
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I've been using FM since version 6, so I think I"m having a brain fart and hope someone can help me clear the air.


I'm creating a portal to display related records I've got the relationship built with Allow Creation of Records in this table via this relationship. The portal in on a layout that contains records from the related table. What I expect to see is that whenever I create a new record, the portal will have one empty record ready for me to enter related data. Once entered, there will always be an empty record at the bottom of the list, ready for data to be entered.


However, now I get a blank portal and have had to write a script that goes to the table the portal refers to and create a new record there, and enter the appropriate value in the linking field to tie them together. That record will display in the portal, so I know it's showing what it should. But even then, there is not a blank record ready for data to enter.


Is this a glitch in FM13 (Advanced) or have I zoned out and am missing something obvious?