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    Wifi Roaming problem


      Is there someone who found a solution to this issue:

      When there are many AccessPoint and the iPad must do Roaming the iPad change of AccessPoint only when it lose the one where it was connected instead of changed to a better AccessPoint who have stronger signal before that it lose connection ?

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          This is a big issue for me. I had to resort to getting a mobile wifi box for Go to connect when traveling or using an iPhone to share the 4G conneciton over Wifi.


          Even though the Wifi box stays connected with Go it changes it's connection. This is usually a good buffer but if the Wifi box looses connecttion for too long or takes time switching Go will close the connection. Actually being mobile with Go is an issu and do not know of a good way to fix this.


          A common case for me would be users on a train trying to get some work done with Go while moving.