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General Questions From a New Developer

Question asked by aric on Oct 28, 2014
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I have been using FMP for years now. Mostly just modifying starter solutions to suit the needs of my company. Recently though a firend asked me to create a system to run her linen rental company and I agreed. Being a firend, I did not charge anything, but I told her I wanted her to be my technology sugar mama. Anytime Apple comes out with a new gadget, I want it.


She agreed and I was off to the races.


I have taken the Contacts, Inventory, Estimates, Invoicing, and Events Mangement Starter Solutions and modified them and created relationships between them all. It's working great, and she plans on purchasing her own copy of FMP server.


Now that I have done this, I have really been thinking about offering a development service, but I can't help asking myself if I am going about my designing in the best way?


My current resources:

I do not have the developer version yet, as I will be purchasing it in a few days time.

I am running FMP 12 Server Advanced on a Mac Mini Server with a static IP Address


I have the following questions:


1) Being a photographer, I want to build a solution that I can sell over and over again to other photographers. How is this done when I am building relationships between files such as Contacts and Invoices for example? Can these two files be combined into one file which can then be sold? What pitfalls should I avoid in my designing in order to make sure the purchaser can easily use the system when they receive it? Can I sell a product that has multiple files with relationships already built in?


2) Do you have favorite threads here on the FM Dev Community which you think I should read first to give me a good foundation before I dive into the world of professional development?


3) I want to be able to create forms on my wordpress site which will then import into my own solution. I know I can connect to my Mysql database, and I have already accomplished this and have begun bringing in data. Are there other ways to do this, such as having a php script send form submissions to my files?


4) What should I read to learn how to pubish information onto a page onto my existing wordpress site?


5) Where can I go to learn what good and bad development looks like? Can you provide me with links to what you think the best looking interfaces are? I understand that a good looking interface does not equate to a good user experience.


6) If I am able to build a solution for photographers, how do I, or even can I, provide my past clients with an upgrade file? I assume people will write to me asking for new feautres. I am concerned on how to give them these new features.


7) What other questions should I be asking as a new developer? If you know of a question, can you provide me with a link to where I can learn more about the particular subject?


8) If you were to do it all over again, what would be your advice on what to learn, and in what order would you learn it?



Thank you for any information you can provide. I know I am about to take a big step forward in my FMP world and I am very motivated and excited.


Thank you.


Aric Hoek


Solaris Studios