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    Yosemite Support for FMSv13


      I know this will probaby fall on deaf ears, but do we have any lead date at all on when Filemaker will add Yosemte support to FMS13? I've just taken receipt of a new machine which shipped with Yosemite which I'm supposed to be installing as a FMSv13 machine at a clients office in a little under 2 weeks time. Any help greatly appreaciated.


      I've tried all the obvious things - e.g booting from a USB Mavericks Installer etc... no joy - the new hardware won't boot from it...

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          FileMaker Inc. won't ever give an estimated date for approving their software with new hardware, but they are generally fairly quick at it.  Others on Technet have said they have succesfully installed FileMaker Server 13, but that features like WebDirect do not work.  Apple fairly commonly will not let you install old operating systems on new hardware, so that is not surprising.  But also being an early adopter has risks too.  While I can't wait to try it on my development machine, I don't intent to install it on any production server until Yosemite comes out with a major update and FileMaker officially confirms support. 


          You didn't mention what hardware you were using?  There are lots of hardware alternatives.  And while I'm a big Apple fan, there are some good Windows Server options for FileMaker Server.  Or you could just spin up a virtual Windows Server in the Cloud (Amazon or Rackspace) for a short while until FileMaker confirms support.  And you could also go to a hosting company to host your database too. 

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            Thanks for your response. The machine I've got is a Macmini - I'm fully aware of the limitations of this little box, but they're just so damn cheap and convenient for small offices that they still persist to be used for FMS machines. The client has already purchased an ongoing subscription to Filemaker for FMS licensing, so is loathed to pay up again for hosting fees.


            The really frustrating thing here is that Filemaker is wholly owned by Apple - one would have thought they would get their act in gear a bit quicker than this, and the issue of course is compounded that it's practially impossible to retro-install a compatible Mac OS onto the new hardware.

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              Unfortunately for the MacMini, with the new release, they no longer offer the faster i7 processor.  So it is not as capable of a machine as they were.  But the price is still great for a small workgroup (e.g. 3 users) or a development machine. 


              FileMaker Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, but it clearly is treated as a separate company.  From my discussions with FileMaker employees, FileMaker on finds out about upcoming Apple hardware and software at the same time other big companies do such as Microsoft or Adobe.  This means FileMaker Inc. really has no inside track to operating system features.  They do find out about new versions before the general public, but they are not getting special treatment that other software companies working with Apple don't get.  Personally I wish that would change, but it is what it is. 


              If the machine is sitting there doing nothing, why not try to install FileMaker Server 13 on it?  That may work.  You might have to configure it from a second machine since the web services might not be working, but the service itself probably will work.  And if that doesn't work, install FileMaker Pro and use Peer-to-Peer sharing until FileMaker comes out with an update.  It can't be that long and it appears you only need to serve a small group of people (hopefully 5 or less at a time since that is the limitation of Peer-to-Peer sharing). 

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                If you need hosting for a few weeks, I can throw your file on our hosting

                server. Just moved to 1GB Ethernet last night so it should be super fast.

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                  Darn!! I was late to the party - I have a MacMini which had Mavericks on it (working dandy) - and last nite I saw Yosemite and "free upgrade" and - well - FMS13 does not work! Well it works but the databases hosted won't open. Luckily it is not my production machine but it is my test/development machine...and THEN I recalled there was some issue with Yosemite and FMS.


                  Damn you the lure of the "free upgrade"



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                    brynley:  Have you restarted it?  Sometimes after a restart it will come up.  If not, try to install it again from dmg.  Web services and maybe configuration won't work (try connecting from 2nd machine), but some peope on here have reported that it will start hosting the database for remote access.  It may be that you can get it working, but as you are aware, it is unsupported and there are things that do not work such as web services.  Its close, but not quite there.  I bet FM will come out with something within the month.  Just my guess though. 

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                      Thanks Taylor - yes have restarted - the message though says in the Status:


                      "Could not close database <file_name> because it is in incorrect state. Closed."


                      When I look at the Databases in "Activity" they are all listed there as "Closed" - click and then say "open" does not seem to do anything...


                      That'll learn me!

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                        Can you stop the server (not just close the database) in the Admin console or Terminal?  Do you have some backup versions of the databases?  If so, try to stop the server and remove the ones there and replace with the backups, then start it again.  Be sure to update the permissions before starting.  And don't trust what you see in the Admin console, it may be wrong.  Even if it says it is closed, try to connect and see if that works.  If this doesn't work, then try to reinstall FMS.  All of this may or may not work, but if you have nothing to loose. 

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                          HOLY HELL!!




                          Seconds after typing the above - i go back to FMS13 - ready to log out / call it a day and it now says "Normal" WTF? It has said "closed" and NOW says "normal"...


                          How weird is that. I restarted etc about 10 times ...


                          Stranger things happen at sea!

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                            So - My findings on this so far have been:


                            Installed FMS 13.0.33 on a clean 10.10 install. Apart from needing to manually download the Java installer for 10.10, installation went fine. Sample Database was shared fine, and I could access the admin console locally on the machine fine too.


                            As predicted - web services don't seem to work, so you can neither access the the admin console  (on either port 80 or 443), NOR can you use the FMP13 'Upload To Server' functionality - so it's a copy the files to the correct location and set the permissions accordingly job.


                            However - once done, I'm happily seeing db files shared out, schedules running, and everything else basically fine.


                            Now all we need is an official update ffrom Apple Filemaker.