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    How are the time fields actually formatted


      Working with data in time fields is described as very straight forward and basic. However, I've been having much difficulty in getting a format to actually work. We need a field to recieve and display a time entry in 24 hr format, but restrict the entry to only 0000 and 2359. Two of us are working on this and we are getting formats that no one could possibly find useful. Example. I enter 0915 and get: 91500, 915:00:00 among others. Settings on system (Windows 7) are Hhmm. Settings in inspector for the time field currently are: Format: hhmm, Separator: Symbol blank, 24 hr leading, no leading characters for hours, minutes, and seconds. Field is defined as "time" in type with no special options selected. Many Thanks for any help.

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          When you enter numbers in a time field, FileMaker interprets them as hours unless you use delimiters (such as ":") to denote minutes and (possibly) seconds. Hence, as you've discovered, if you enter "0915", FileMaker will assume this means "915 hours, zero minutes, zero seconds".


          You can do a couple of things to correct the issue:


          1) Modify your data entry habits to put in the correct delimiters (i.e., "09:15"). FileMaker will then assume you mean 9:15 AM (formatted as you specify).


          2) Use a value list for the time field that restricts the input to specific times (09:00, 09:15, etc.) and allow the user to choose from there.


          3) Use an associated text field, which you then parse out into the appropriate time value and insert into the time field using either an auto-enter calculation or a script.





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            Ok. Most of our dispatchers are already using the ":" delimiters.  That will work for us. Many thanks!!! Cheers!

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              May I ask what context you're using the time in?


              The reason I ask is you can auto-enter a time stamp when you create or commit a record. So if you're clicking something (ex: a button that reads 'New Call') and that button pulls up another window, you can script that a timestamp is taken when the record in the new window is created. This eliminates your dispatchers ever having to enter the time / date for a call.

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                If the field is generally used for specific times (eg. 15 minute intervals throughout a working day) I think it is useful to set up a value list that users can use as per Mike's point 2. This reduces keystrokes and limits data entry errors. And if necessary users can always enter 09:15 from a list and then manually edit it to 09:20 or whatever afterwards.

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                  Mike, you missed data entry calculations.


                  They can do the reformatting, allowing the users to develop fast

                  shortcuts, like entering 0915. Let the data entry calc convert that into