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How are the time fields actually formatted

Question asked by lovelandskipatrol on Oct 29, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by Malcolm

Working with data in time fields is described as very straight forward and basic. However, I've been having much difficulty in getting a format to actually work. We need a field to recieve and display a time entry in 24 hr format, but restrict the entry to only 0000 and 2359. Two of us are working on this and we are getting formats that no one could possibly find useful. Example. I enter 0915 and get: 91500, 915:00:00 among others. Settings on system (Windows 7) are Hhmm. Settings in inspector for the time field currently are: Format: hhmm, Separator: Symbol blank, 24 hr leading, no leading characters for hours, minutes, and seconds. Field is defined as "time" in type with no special options selected. Many Thanks for any help.