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populating fields from other tables

Question asked by khymer on Oct 29, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by PalmDBS

This is my first time using Filemaker Pro and I am stuck. I have been watching videos on numerous times and am clearly missing something. I am trying to create an equipment checkout system for my photography program at a college. I have three tables: Students, Equipment and LoanAgreement. I am trying to populate fields in the loan agreement from the other two tables but must not be setting things correctly in the Inspector or in my tables. I can get my first field (conactnamelast) to populate from the student table and the popup menu works but other fields are not populating. I want each student's info (name, address, A Number, class # etc) to appear on each loan agreement. I have attached 2 screen shots so yo can see my settings. Thank you for the help.




relationships.pngedit layout view.pngStudent Fields.png