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    WebDirect Log In Speed




      I cannot seem to achieve a log in speed of less than 22 secs. I am using current version of Safari and current version of Chrome, time can be much longer on older browsers.


      The is time from entering user name and password and clicking on Ok till first page appears. The system is newly developed using Aspire Enlightened. Get same speed if I am going to a blank layout with no records or the normal Main Menu.


      The inital log in dialog comes up almost instantaneously.


      Note I am only testing so using the single licence, there has been little or no activity on the machine when testing


      It's running on a Windows 7 machine 8gb.


      My question is 22 secs abnormal or what a lot of users see.


      Also note when the user is logged in speed is very good, its just the inital wait time.





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          That's abnormal.


          I am highly suspicious with the OS you are using. Windows 7 is not the optimal setup to use for WebDirect. You might want to try signing up for a trial at some hosting places that offer a free trial (EG worldcloud and triple8) to see if your file has the same problem on another host. It might very well be a hardware issue.


          WD does load a ~5mb javascript package the first time it fires up, but it's cached and it shouldn't be loaded every time.


          Are you going to the WD login page first? Or are you direct linking to the file?


          What is the network connection like between your server and test machine? Is it the same machine? Are you using a "localhost" address? WAN IP? LAN IP?

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            Hi Mike


            URL pointing at the file tested on server machine and externally on a number of different machines. Log in time s all similar.


            The application has links to a much bigger desktop based system and is designed to pass batch data to that system.


            So testing on a hosted service not really practical.



            Once logged on speed is good. Issue seems to be slow authentication.

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              The application has links to a much bigger desktop based system and is designed to pass batch data to that system.


              You should have said that before. Remove those links temporarily, or setup a test file with no links and try again. Possibly the authentication and loading of data from your larger system is causing the bottleneck. Is the larger system on the same server?


              What's the login speed to your FMServer_Sample file for webdirect? Does it load quickly? If so then something about the way your file is developed is causing your speed issue.

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                The issue is the connection to the larger file.


                I moved the authentication order of the log in to the top, and it shaved 10 seconds off the log in.


                Unfortunately, I need the external links no point in the system without them and I cannot really control the authentication order, I don't believe.


                As there are only about 20 users in the list, it's a bit hard to believe that it adds 10 seconds. Anyway at this stage it is what it is.


                Thanks for your reply