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WebDirect Log In Speed

Question asked by msawyer on Oct 29, 2014
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I cannot seem to achieve a log in speed of less than 22 secs. I am using current version of Safari and current version of Chrome, time can be much longer on older browsers.


The is time from entering user name and password and clicking on Ok till first page appears. The system is newly developed using Aspire Enlightened. Get same speed if I am going to a blank layout with no records or the normal Main Menu.


The inital log in dialog comes up almost instantaneously.


Note I am only testing so using the single licence, there has been little or no activity on the machine when testing


It's running on a Windows 7 machine 8gb.


My question is 22 secs abnormal or what a lot of users see.


Also note when the user is logged in speed is very good, its just the inital wait time.