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Reduced permissions causes erratic find results involving portal records

Question asked by neufere on Oct 30, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2014 by neufere

Wonder if anyone else has run into this or know why its happening. Here's the scenario:

Layout-1 with records from Instance-1-of-Table-1 has a portal to records in Instance-2-of-Table-1. Field-1 in the portal is a calculation that is simply equal to the value of a summary field (total) in Table-3.

Now, with [Full Access], I can do a find and search for records where Field-1 is ">0". I get the correct records.

With reduced permissions, but where all the mentioned tables, records, and fields are completely accessible (view, edit, create, delete) and layouts are view-only but provide modifiable access to all records, I get bizarre results. If I attempt to find:

  1. ">0", I get no records found
  2. "0", I get records with numbers containing zeros.
  3. Everything else I've tried, I get no records found.

Note that, with the reduced permissions, I have no problem viewing the records (and all their fields) on which I'm searching. And I can search just find on the (non-portal) fields in Instance-1-of-Table-1.

Very bizarre! Any help would be greatly appreciated.