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    Reduced permissions causes erratic find results involving portal records


      Wonder if anyone else has run into this or know why its happening. Here's the scenario:

      Layout-1 with records from Instance-1-of-Table-1 has a portal to records in Instance-2-of-Table-1. Field-1 in the portal is a calculation that is simply equal to the value of a summary field (total) in Table-3.

      Now, with [Full Access], I can do a find and search for records where Field-1 is ">0". I get the correct records.

      With reduced permissions, but where all the mentioned tables, records, and fields are completely accessible (view, edit, create, delete) and layouts are view-only but provide modifiable access to all records, I get bizarre results. If I attempt to find:

      1. ">0", I get no records found
      2. "0", I get records with numbers containing zeros.
      3. Everything else I've tried, I get no records found.

      Note that, with the reduced permissions, I have no problem viewing the records (and all their fields) on which I'm searching. And I can search just find on the (non-portal) fields in Instance-1-of-Table-1.

      Very bizarre! Any help would be greatly appreciated.