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    Filemaker Server 13 Connection Problems


      Evening All


      I can't seem to get my filemaker server 13 working correctly.


      I have a database solution that i host on server 13 for my clients to access via webdirect. It currently works, but about 30% of the time clients have trouble connecting to the database, and then once logged into the database at random intervals the database will flag up an error saying 'connection to the server lost'.



      My setup is:



      - The server is a dedicated mac mini with Filemaker Server 13 loaded onto it, this computer is used solely to host the database and nothing else.


      - The mac mini is connected to the internet via an ethernet cable that is connected to the internet via a bt home hub.


      - I have a program called no-ip loaded onto the mac-mini which keeps the ip address static.


      - I have forwarded all necessary ports on the bt home hub as recommended on the filemaker website.



      When connecting to the database via filemaker pro 13 or filemaker go the connection is more stable and proves to be less problematic.



      My internet connection is constant, i.e. if i am having problems connecting to my database via webdirect i will try to load a different webpage on google at the same time which works fine, i carry out this check to ensure that the internet connection is functioning correctly (which it is).


      To check that the issues arent caused by the complexity of my database i have loaded onto the server a database consisting of 1 table and 4 fields, the same problems occur with this database.




      Any input would be greatly appreciated as i cannot fully role out my database to all of my clients until the connection issues are resolved.




      Many thanks in advance.




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          Usually this is a networking issue and you are loosing connectivity for brief periods of time and don't realize it.  I just came from a system that insisted everything was good to go, but they were using AT&T's sticky static IPs.... not really permanent IPs even though they say they are.  Also, DSL connections are infamous for dropping and reconnecting.  I would start by hosting it somewhere cheap for a short period of time and testing it if is working well from a hosting location.  If so, then you know your local network is not up to snuff for commercial connections.  That is not uncommon. 


          Network trouble shooting involves substituting wires, routers, switches and testing inbetween each change.  You can run router pingers that constantly send a ping and when the connection drops, it records the drop so you can use it to show your ISP.  Many ISPs will run this for you for a short period of time (few days) if you request it. 


          Tell us more about your network and ISP?

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            Have you check to see if it is a licencing issue? Maybe you have too many concurrent connections?

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              Hi Guys


              Thanks for your comments,


              In reply to Keywords, i have checked the concurrent connections and these arent being exceeded.


              In reply to Taylor Sharpe, i have had the BT engineer out today, he has replaced all of the networking hardware and suggested that he thought that there was a fault with it. I'm dubious as to his diagnosis and think that your suggestion of a residential connection not being of a high enough quality for commercial use may be to blame. Im going to monitor the effects of the hardware changes over the next few days to see if they have made a difference, and if they havent im going to try a Server Hosting company for a month as you suggested to see if this solves the issue.