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    fm 12 Save record as pdf intermittent problem



      I have a MAC (Snow Leopard) , FM 12.0v5 & Acrobat 11.0.09


      Using the following script :


      Set Variable [$filepath;Value://$filepath Get(DesktopPath) & Purchase Orders New v2::Purchase Order Number&" "&Purchase Orders New

      v2::Versions & " " & Purchase Orders Newv2::Supplier Name & " " & ".pdf"

      Save Records as pdf [Restore;No dialog;$filepath;Current record]


      I am able to get a pdf version of the current record on my desktop with the information requested -

      Purchase Order Number/Version/Supplier Name

      Example : H15-2000-V2- ABC Company.pdf


      However, the file extension on the icon ".pdf" is intermittent.

      Sometimes its there and sometimes not.


      Any suggestions/ fixes?




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          I don't get your formula.  Apparently you are trying to comment the first part out, but how far does that comment out go?  Try putting the $filepath into the dataviewer and test the results.


          Snow Leopard.... not officially supported anymore.  Hopefully this is a test or development system and not production. 

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            I can't think of any resaon why this would happen, and I just made a script as per your description and run it a number of times with so far no slip ups. Just one thing I would recommend: in the last part of your filename variable you have a space before the .pdf (& Purchase Orders Newv2::Supplier Name & " " & ".pdf"); I suggest you drop that.


            So what next? … Is there any pattern to this behaviour? Does it happen on some records and not others? Try running the script several times over on the same test record to see if the behaviour changes. Try using a different layout. Try the same script in a test file. Whatever test you can think of to try and make it happen. Then when it does, try and work out what was different.

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              Ok, I remove the " " .Unfortunately it made no difference. I cannot detect any pattern to this behavior, at first I thought

              maybe the supplier name was too long, maybe it ran out of space? But, even with short supplier names the .pdf would

              not show up on the icon. 

              What I did find interesting was that, on certain "supplier names" the .pdf would consistently show up? Strange huh?

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                I also wondered if it might be a Finder preference issue (see screenshot), but as it is inconsistent perhaps that's not it. If you post a copy of your file I'm happy to take a further look.


                Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 11.48.28 am.png

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                  "Show all filename extensions" was already selected on the finder. 

                  I was reading on another discussion the "Save records as pdf " was created(?) by Adobe.

                  Could this be an issue with Acrobat?