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fm 12 Save record as pdf intermittent problem

Question asked by disabled_debig on Oct 30, 2014
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I have a MAC (Snow Leopard) , FM 12.0v5 & Acrobat 11.0.09


Using the following script :


Set Variable [$filepath;Value://$filepath Get(DesktopPath) & Purchase Orders New v2::Purchase Order Number&" "&Purchase Orders New

v2::Versions & " " & Purchase Orders Newv2::Supplier Name & " " & ".pdf"

Save Records as pdf [Restore;No dialog;$filepath;Current record]


I am able to get a pdf version of the current record on my desktop with the information requested -

Purchase Order Number/Version/Supplier Name

Example : H15-2000-V2- ABC Company.pdf


However, the file extension on the icon ".pdf" is intermittent.

Sometimes its there and sometimes not.


Any suggestions/ fixes?