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How can I create a pop-out menu that is conditional upon the selection of a different pop-out menu?

Question asked by newbieo on Oct 30, 2014
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I am new to FileMaker Pro and have just purchased FMP13 to use in our company. I am designing a system where it can link all of our clients, inventory, and production tickets that are issued. When I issue a production ticket, I would like all of my fields to only display the inventory available for the company that is selected. For example, if I create a new production ticket and select company A, the only labels I am able to select are related to company A, not all the labels in our inventory. I would also like to be able to deduct the number of labels entered from the production ticket from the Units on Hand in our inventory. I have tried using conditional value lists with no success and even tried using a logical function in the calculation field.


Here is a screenshot of my relationships. The occurence table presently exists because I was dabbling with conditional value lists.



Please help.