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Are Themes slower ?

Question asked by larsheise on Oct 31, 2014
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This week I took the time to convert a lot of the layouts in my solution from the good old classic theme to "Mytheme".


And went through the process of styling all my objects.


From reading FileMakers recently released “Design for Performance” white paper ( and a lot of other material ), I had hoped and imagined that my solution would benefit in speed. Unfortunately I discovered the opposite.


Opening the solution over WAN was up to 2 sec. slower – and moving from layout to layout (using the same theme) was also slower.


I have tried different approaches to regain my speed, but it seems to me that converting the layouts back into classic is by far the most efficient.


I have enclosed a copy of FileMakers Contacts file, where I have done some measuring of going to different layouts.


Here I come to the same conclusion – Classic Theme IS FASTER


I hope that somebody here in the forum, can prove that I am wrong !

When you open the enclosed file you end up on the details layout, that uses the theme: Tranquil

From here it is faster to go to a copy of this layout, that has been converted to classic, and afterwards styled – than going to an exact copy with same theme.



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