CLI fmsadmin for  FM12 and 13

Discussion created by tjsoftworks on Oct 31, 2014
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First, I am a command line sysadmin kinda person.

I do development too.

And I have used fmsadmin since long ago ..... 10 years plus.


So though this my sound like begin questions, I am asking because fmsadmin doesn't work they way I expect


I wanted to start the filemaker 12 server today from the CLI


I typed

fmsadmin server start

Error: 10006

fmsadmin database open

username (admin):


fmsadmin: Permission denied, please try again.


OK WTF ...


sudo su -

Password: *&^$^*(

root# fmsadmin list files -u

username (root): ^Z


Why am I having to put in my root password?


and on it goes .....


I check that admin user is admin and in the admin group and that this group is added to the filemaker server admin console as an admin group....


So, I don't understand fmsadmin and what permission are needed and when.

I don't understand why root login doesn't allow full access.


How do people setup sort that fmsadmin works for them?

At times in the past I have had it work perfectly, at times I am baffled by the fact that the simple is so hard.


fmsadmin is not a normal CLI tool and at times I create wrapper scripts to make it work like a normal CLI command so that workflows can do accomplished reasonably.


I'm sure I'm not the only one.


Anyone want to share their best practices? Wrapper scripts? And answers to the pain points?