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Filemaker Pro Advanced v13.3 Failing to return correct search results intermittently

Question asked by kiwikaty on Nov 2, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by Vincent_L

Hi there,


We have a "robot" machine which is simply a dedicated Windows 7 (Enterprise) SP1 desktop which meets all the requirements re RAM specs etc. It is running Filemaker Pro Advanced 13.3. I am having issues with intermittent performance failures when returning "find" results. On logging into the robot and running the script manually I get a false found set of 0. When I turn on script debugger to try to see what might be happening the debugger flashes on the screen wildly (it is not actually stepping through at this stage so it is not a screen re-draw issue), if I exit fmpa and then re-launch and run the same script it returns the expected result!


As well as this for another part of the nightly process it is intermittently returning found records when it should not be, but running the same script this morning after re-launching the app gave me the expected result of 0.


Due to the fact these found sets then loop through and send communications to students this is somewhat of a major concern.


We have only recently upgraded to v13 from v11. The scripts have not been modified since the upgrade and have always been reliable in the past. When we did the upgrade we moved the robot from a server OS to a desktop OS as the old server did not have the specs needed for v13. The desktop does have anti-virus running to comply with the business IT policy.


I cannot see anything in the event viewer and the app itself is still "running" - it would be in fact better if the app crashed than behaved this way. The app did do a full crash earlier last week but did not give away any secrets.


I am finding this hard to troubleshoot as after a re-launch of the app it works as expected and then over a few days it starts to return unexpected results, it seems to be client/machine related but I do not have another box to move it to.


Any advise on locating the issue would be greatly appreciated? It is crucial I correct the situation before it sends correspondence erroneously.


Kind regards