FM13 won't start Win7 Pro / Soluto?

Discussion created by brynley on Nov 2, 2014
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Hi all - this is a stretch...


Windows 7 Pro PC have had FM12 installed on it in past - installed FM13 4 months or so ago - and it seems to launch but nothing happens and then 20 seconds later Soluto (a 3rd party startup manager) says "FM 13 Advanced has crashed. No solution".


I have looked and done the obvious (uninstalled FM {including old versions} / reinstalled from scratch) - and the same thing.


This has not been an "issue" as I normally run FM13 on my laptop and I have a 2nd PC that I also use (also Win 7 [and Soluto]) - but as you can guess the day I left my laptop at work was the day that PC decided to do weird video stuff and my fall back PC decided to "not launch".


So I never worried about it until last week and I started again de-install/re-install etc etc - removing misc programs that one accumulates and so on. But nothing will kick it into life. My only other option is to reinstall Win7 etc but before I do that I thought I'd ask the community...


I mentioned Soluto - and yes I have removed it and that did not appear to solve the issue - latest version of Java etc. All other programs


Is there a "crash log" just for FM? Having tried many things now and spending lots of hours I think the only option is to reinstall the OS which is a last resort...


Any clues where one would start looking?


Appreciate the above is a bit sketchy...and yes "buy a Mac" is on my Xmas list...