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filemaker.php goes on web host?

Question asked by njem on Nov 2, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by njem

A PHP beginner question. I have a hosting company hosting my FM db, because it's a web-public fundraising site. I have another hosting company, yahoo, hosting my website. I need a simple PHP page to receive a url parameter and use the api to write it into into a record in the db, then jump to the webdirect FM page. I've figured out enough PHP to do it. But something I'm fuzzy on. If I have the concepts right it would be yahoo that has to have the filemaker.php in their system to allow the php page to use the api calls. Do I have that right? I'll ask yahoo but has anybody else done this with big hosting companies like that? Or do I have to buy a little web hosting service too from the company that's hosting the FM so it's a company that will have the api available in their web hosting?