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Question asked by planteg on Nov 3, 2014
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in preparation for the design of a FileMaker db to run on iPads, I am doing mockups to test a few things. I personnally own an iPad 2. I sent a test db for comments to someone having an iPad mini, and was told that fields etc. were too small.


I then realized that his iPad mini has a retina display. At first I thought that since the iPad mini has double pixels in each direction was the explanation for the issue, but then learn that iPad Go units are points, not pixels. On a retina display, one point is two pixels. Nevertheless, iPad mini screen is smaller that iPad 2 or iPad air screen. I read somewhere that text size for iPad is recommended to be 18 points. On a 9.7 inches iPad, it's fine, but on a smaller screen it seems not to be.


So which way should I go if I want to have the solution to work on both 7.9" and 9.7" iPads ? Having different layers for each screen size could lead to a quite different interface .