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Insert from device issues (including crashing)

Question asked by Paul Jansen on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by jbante

I have an 'app' deployed on a number of iPad Mini's (first generation) which involves taking a number of photos and signatures and syncing them back to the server (The go file is local to the device). I have been having trouble with Go crashing which I think is due to running out of memory whilst in the middle some task or other.


After taking a few photos and a a few signatures the screen does not redraw fully after the insert from device is run (changing iPad orientation seems to fix it but script steps - Refresh, Goto Layout etc do not)


Also part of the process is pushing the container contents back to FMS calling PSOS in a hosted file with the Base64 data as a script parameter.


Clearly all these tasks are challenging for Go from a memory perspective. Crashing happens most often when taking a photo (insert from device)


Has anyone else experienced this kind of crashing?


Any suggestions to reduce the chance of a crash (which can leave the local database damaged)


I am setting the photo size as 'medium' but wonder if inserting as 'full size' and then resizing with a second script step would be better from a memory perspective.