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    extract Data from FileMaker




      I am a super newbie in FileMaker and I have inherited a solution that works fine for what we need it to do. However I have a project to extract data from various filemaker into MySQL. We have about 30 to 40 filemaker database files and each file has the same tables (more or less). Each filemaker database file has about 250 to 260 tables with varying number of records in the tables. What is an easier way to do what I need to do?


      Thank you very much for your input.



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          An easier way to do it would be to setup filemaker as an ODBC data source and write a query to dump the data out (CSV probably) or transfer the data to another data source. Some programs such as NaviCat can do parallel database transfers.

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            Mike Duncan

            You might be able to create a table that will act as a temporary place to dump data, then write a script that uses an executeSQL statement to set data in order to export in csv or some other format. You could have the script loop through all tables in the solution dynamically, and be able to copy/paste the table and script from file to file.


            Potentially over ten thousand tables to sort through, that sounds like fun. Good luck!