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    Help needed



      please apologize for my English but it's not my mother toungue.

      First of all I am using (trying to) File Maker pro for creating a database for the collection of old master prints I am curating. The former database runs ONLY on Microsoft XP so I need to create another DB and transporting the informaiton from a DB to the one I am constructing.

      Basically I have so far constructed a DB which contains, in its "complete" form, a TAB with scan of the image and other fields like ARTIST which is being filled with a VALUE LIST from another format in which I add biographical information on these guys. My main concern is that artists working on a print are more than one... so I would like to show in the complete version more Artists names, so I was wondering how to "add fields" retrieving data from the same list of values.


      I hope I made myself clear...

      I am getting a bit insane and in extrema ratio I am posting in this forum. I hope this is also the right place where to put this thread...

      Thanks for your consideration



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          Hello, Catalina. Yes, you are in the right place.  


          What you need is to separate your Artists into a second table inside your database. Each image should have a field called a "key" that is unique (you can use the Get ( UUID ) function, or a serial number). In your new Artists table, put an ImageID field. This is called the "foreign key", and tells FileMaker which Artists belong to which Images.


          You then create a relationship between the two tables on your Relationships Graph. This tells FileMaker to join the two tables together.


          After that, you can use a portal object to enter the artist names.


          I've attached a simple example. Let us know if you have more questions.



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            Hello Catalina,

            Welcome (your English skills are very good) and this is the right place.

            You might consider creating a related table which contains the "Makers" assigned to the piece. You can display the content in a portal in the same place as you now have the the extra makers. You can then search on that one field and find all the records with one search.


            You can find some examples in the Templates (Starter Solutions) which came with the FileMaker software.

            Feel free to ask again if I misjudged your question.


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              Hi there!

              Thank you so much for your fast reply!!


              my apologies I think I did not specify that I am using FMP 10


              the image you sent me is for the 12 version.

              Is it possible to have instructions for my version instead?

              Thank you again!



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                here are my relations from the Artists/Makers part and the principal

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                  You only need a single identifier for the artist. Here's a sample in .fp7 format.

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                    Oh God!

                    My images have ALL a number so I just need to put the same Nr in the Artists side!


                    Thank you so much!!

                    I'll let you know if it works! (it should do!!)


                    Have a lovely day!


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                      I feel like I am spamming you, now, the first line it works... the second third and so on it gives me a black line with no possible modifications...

                      what does that mean?



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                        It looks like the name field is not inside the portal row. It needs to be.

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                          It works!!!


                          thank you!!

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                            one super last question: sometimes I use the same Artist name for other prints... how can I tell the database that there is no need to make hundreds of records with the same artist name but that there was only one "Johannes Vermeer"?


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                              Each artist is independently attached to each image. So you can do it one of two ways:


                              1) Build a value list with your artist names and select from that value list when you enter the artist name.


                              2) More appropriately, you would construct it as a many-to-many relationship (each artist can be associated with many images, and each image can be associated with many artists). To do so, you would create a join table, where each record is a combination of artist and image (you have one record with artistID and imageID, and just enter the two IDs in that table). That's a little more complicated to set up, but it can be done. If you want to do it this way, I suggest you grab a copy of the FileMaker Training Series and go through the Data Modeling chapter; it has a good section on many-to-many relationships. (It's a little too complicated to explain here.)

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                                will do!

                                thank you very very much!


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                                  Hi Mike,

                                  I think I am a bit stuck... I am now able to make portals, to create different kinds of relationships [sort of pillow tables getting data from a table to the other and so on] Yet I have some problems with portals: when I use list of values or I use in a format a field coming from another table I get in the original table bouble values. well the images I am about to store in this DB are more than 3k and 70 per cent of the things I need to use are similar or equivalent... so I don't want to have double records on my tables... I am getting mad.

                                  For instance I have a table for "Places" in which are recorded all the cities I will mention in the catalogue, either as subject (there are city scapes or maps of specific cities so I need to have this values) or as "location of these works of art". I really need to have these cities mentioned only ONCE in the table, not 2hundred times... Same goes for other data...

                                  Can you help me with that?

                                  Sorry... all this time I have been trying to figure it out myself... but I am running out of hope now...

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                                    No need to lose hope. There's always hope.  


                                    What you're describing (where you get multiple occurrences of the same record in a portal) is usually a result of the field you've selected in the portal pointing to the wrong TO (table occurrence). This can happen if you have a portal pointing to a join table, but use the fields from the related parent table (for example). Double-check your fields. Are they pointing to the correct table?


                                    The other possibility is that you really do have duplicate records in one of your join tables. You can determine this by looking at the keys from the two (or more) parent records and seeing if there are any duplicates. If so, delete the duplicate records.


                                    If that doesn't resolve the problem, post a copy of the file and we can take a look.



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