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Question asked by catalina7 on Nov 3, 2014
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please apologize for my English but it's not my mother toungue.

First of all I am using (trying to) File Maker pro for creating a database for the collection of old master prints I am curating. The former database runs ONLY on Microsoft XP so I need to create another DB and transporting the informaiton from a DB to the one I am constructing.

Basically I have so far constructed a DB which contains, in its "complete" form, a TAB with scan of the image and other fields like ARTIST which is being filled with a VALUE LIST from another format in which I add biographical information on these guys. My main concern is that artists working on a print are more than one... so I would like to show in the complete version more Artists names, so I was wondering how to "add fields" retrieving data from the same list of values.


I hope I made myself clear...

I am getting a bit insane and in extrema ratio I am posting in this forum. I hope this is also the right place where to put this thread...

Thanks for your consideration