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Question asked by bcfkate on Nov 3, 2014
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We appreciate the opportunity to ask questions in this forum. So my question is:


We're in the process of updating a database carried over from FileMaker 8 to 13. The database has a NAMES table, an ADDRESSES table, and a MATERIAL_SALES_N_PRICE_QUOTES table.


The NAMES table has an Individual ID field that serves as a primary key.


The ADDRESSES table has an Individual ID match field, as well as an Address for CopyNPaste field (to create labels), and an Address Purpose field. The AddressPurpose field is a repeating field with up to 4 repitions for: "Billing", "Mailing", "Shipping", and/or "Other". About 2/3 of the records in the database have all three options.


The MATERIAL_SALES_N_PRICE_QUOTES table has fields for Shipping Label, Billing Label, and the Individual ID match field.


Currently, whenever someone creates a new order/price quote, they review the addresses available in an addresses portal on the orders layout and select/copy the shipping address into the Shipping Label field, and the billing address into the BillingLabel field.


We would like to automate this process. What is the best way to proceed?


Thanks for your help with this.