Filemakerpro Serial number missing

Discussion created by subramanian on Nov 4, 2014
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We have Filemakerpro 12.0v3 application installated on clients and databse is on server one of the user reports the following

Please suggest how can we fix the issue.

There are numbers missing in FilemakerPro File: FMP2012 .(Its a Serial number.). Please note user cant leave the form with out save, If user open a record there is not chance to close the application without saving the record.
No missing:

Please find the attached snap .


Database is in server and users are connecting from client machine.

I am a newbie . Please suggest how we can find the rootcause and solution .



Note : User cant close the call with out save the form, Form has the mandatory field. anhow user will have to enter some value and save to exit the application.


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Subramanian Chinnakumar