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Changing a fields fill colour via another button(text field)

Question asked by samcourtenay on Nov 4, 2014
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I'm new here. Using FM 13 Pro. Developing my first database (well copying and cleaning up an old one really)


I have a field I would like to change from a white background to a light red colour once it has been accepted. The field I need changed is called "Item 1:"


I have created a text field next to "Item 1:" that when clicked it runs a simple script that inserts the text "accepted" into itself, then also copies the contents from "Item 1:" and moves it to another layout field "Item 1A: where I print the job sheets out.


I have attached an image of the fields to be clear.



I realise I could do this with conditioning formating by telling my accept script to add a random character to "Item 1:" and then conditionally format "Item 1:" to fill background if it contains that character. But I would much prefer the text in "Item 1:" not to change at all if possible.


Is it possible via a calculation? Any help would be a huge help, thanks in advance.