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evaluate FileMaker

Question asked by douglas168 on Nov 5, 2014
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We have a web develop company using Java to develop our web application for internal use only. Right now, the quality of their work is low to say the least. We are exploring the possibly of doing it internally and along with outside consultants using Access or FileMaker. We do have experience with Access with our staff but we like to learn more about FileMaker as another option.


Right now, our requirements are


1- web based (run inside a browser)

2- multiple user can logon to access to use

3- about to encrypt or hide certain column within database base on user's permission

4- able to access MySQL

5- using SSO service to logon


These are just the few. I am wondering FileMaker experts can share their thoughts about FileMaker and perhaps point me to information as to FileMaker comparison with other DB applications.


thanks in advance,