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Re: Copy Fields from One to Another


No; the Set Field line should read: Set Field [ TO5_CONTACTS::Title ; $Title ]. As shown you set a variable but then don't use it.


To reiterate what I posted earlier, if you are transferring data between unrelated tables your script must include steps to ensure you navigate to the correct table and record to gather the data from in the first place. So your script needs to be something like this:


Go to Layout [ “yourLayout” ( TELM_Contacts ) ]

Go to Record/Request/Page [ yourNavigation ]

Set Variable [ $dataToTransfer; Value: TELM_Contacts::Title ]

Go to Layout [ “yourLayout” ( TO5_CONTACTS ) ]

New Record/Request

Set Field [ TO5_CONTACTS::Title; $dataToTransfer ]

Commit Records/Requests


Hello Friend Keyword,


While Searching for the solutions of transfering stock record from one portal table portal row fields to another portal table portal row fields i found your above script and i tried for queries question. Its work well but there one issue occures while transferring the data. While the transfer record has been paste in the same portal row field record where previous record has been transfered.(Replace the previous record).I guess this script is for copy and paste records. I want to transfer all fields records of one portal row to another in add portal row wise ( Record shall be paste in next portal row of that related portal table.