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    Filemaker 13 and outlook 2010/2013




      Is there a way to make the basic send mail via E-mail client work again with outlook 2013? Since filemaker 13 I always get the "Server busy" which blocks everything and forces me to Force quit filemaker and oulook.


      I've tried on windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1 machines with both office 2010 and 2013, they all react the same way.


      Any ideas?



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          I think installing the 32-bit version might help. I've seen some traffic on this.

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            Hi Mike,


            Thanks for your input. You're right it seems to be a 64bit version issue only.


            Unfortunately I can't force all my users to change office version at this point. I just hope filemaker will fix that issue at some point. In the meantime, I use "Open URL ["mailto:mail@provider.com"]" instead of "Send Mail"

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              It's surprising how long this bug has been around. I expected it to be fixed by now.


              The mailto workaround is okay except that you cannot spawn an email with an attachment using that method. At least I'm not aware of a way to do it.


              FMI, Please put me down as a big thumbs-up on getting this fixed.

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                I guess it's good i didn't see the bug reports about this because I have no problem sending email from FM 13 to Outlook 2013 64 Bit on Win 7 and Win 8.1


                If you have Perform without dialog Unchecked then it's something else.



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                  Well actually, If I check "Perform without dialog", I still have a dialog that appears asking me if I want to allow another software to send an email through outlook, and after that I get the "server busy" message but I'm able to close it and the email gets through.


                  But I have some situations where I want the users to be able to edit the email in outlook (to add a signature for example), and in this case I just can't do anything...

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                    Interesting PSI. Here's 8 pages of discussion from people who are having a problem that we are seeing but you aren't:




                    We're talking about sending via the client, not SMTP server right? I tried again just now and get the same Server Busy message that has been around since FM13 debuted, I think.

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                      FYI. I'm running:


                      Filemaker Pro Advanced version 13.0v3

                      64 bit PC running Windows 8.1

                      32 bit version of Outlook (part of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013)


                      And I'm getting the "Server Busy" message every time.

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                        Good to know that 32 bit version of Outlook doesn't solve anything on a 64bit OS version... At least I know have a good excuse to ask for a budget to buy a proper mailing plugin license ;-) yay!

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                          Interstering Yes and weird.


                          I wonder if it has something to do with Exchange running? Thomas, does this company have outlook configured with an in house Exchange server?


                          I am using Microsoft 365 they are hosting the exchange server.


                          As is said i have no problem and use send mail (show dialog) all the time for windows clients.


                          Here's a long shot but are you creating the email script on a Mac then running it on windows?

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                            According to that forums link I posted above this bug has been around for 11 months. That's pretty disturbing given that most of FMI's customers are on Windows -- I think.

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                              Yes they do. But I doubt it has anything to do with it. To make sure, I installed a brand new office 2013 version on a windows 8.1 virtual machine. I then created a new filemaker file (on the windows machine) with just one script that would send an email and I got the error as well.

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                                I'll chime in here. We are running Outlook hosted on our own internal Exchange server and the database file / script was created using a Windows machine.

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                                  Well, FMI released 13.0v4 today and my initial testing shows that this problem, is still a problem. This is really disappointing. I don't normally complain but this bug was reported over a year ago; and four fixes have been released since; and yet it lives on.


                                  This is not just some obscure or trivial problem not worthy of attention. In a nutshell, Filemaker 13 on newer versions of Windows cannot create new emails using Outlook; probably the most popular email client on the most popular platform.


                                  I've got to think that this is a tough bug to squash rather than just a low priority.


                                  Thanks for letting me vent. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for version 14.

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                                    I wonder if this is really an  Exchance/Windows policy issue and not really a FileMaker issue.  I say this because there is a report by PSI that he can send e-mail through Outlook and Thomas reports that even when perform without dialog is set there are still questions from the system.


                                    I'm assuming that this is an internal Exchange server,  and that there is an internal  Windows Domain controller.  If this is the case,  I would check with the domain admin staff.  My guess is there is a policy set that is intended to protect the Windows/outlook environment from malicious software sending e-mails through Outlook that is preventing FIleMaker from sending the e-mail.


                                    If this is the case FileMaker will never be able to fix the bug,  because it is not their bug.  Also if this is the case,  the domain admin should be able to setup the appropriate exceptions to let FileMaker send e-mails through Outlook.


                                    If this is the case, the Server Busy message is just the indication that it is not accepting the connection.  It's not busy, just following Doamain policy. 


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