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    Looking for suggestions - sending emails


      I have a very simple solution that contains the following 3 tables:






      I want to send some emails to selected students and I have that part pretty much handled.


      The question I have is do I need to create a relationship between the SMTPs table, EMAILS table, and the STUDENTS table.?


      The SMTPs table contains a separate record for each SMTP server that I can use to send out the emails.


      The EMIALS table contains one record for each email that I may want to send out. There's only 3 fields ID, subject, and body.


      The body has the text that will be in the body of the email with some codes that I put in that I will replace with fields from the students table, such as, <<NAME>> will be replaced with their actual name.


      Appreciate any suggestions.

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          You'll need some way to associate a given email with a given student. That can be done through a relationship (in fact, it's a very good way to do it).


          I don't see a purpose for having a relationship between a list of SMTP servers and anything, unless you want to record the particular SMTP server used to send a particular email (in which case you might want to add an SMTP_Server_ID field). Otherwise, it's just a list you can loop through until you find a server that's working or something?

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            Thank you for the reply.


            Do I need the relationship between the emails and the students because the email may only be sent ONCE and then never sent again.  I will be adding emails to the emails table and these will be sent to some or all students.


            I'm guessing I could have a EmailID field in the students table that could be a global field and then just change it to reflect the email that I want to sent to them?  But in that case, would the emals table just be setup as a value list to set the EmailID field?

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              Do you need to know whether a particular student has been sent a particular e-mail? And the date, time, etc of that send?


              Whether you need a relationship or not depends in part on the answer to that question, and how you will want to view that information. Just to send? You probably don't need any relationships at all.

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                Again, the only reasons you would need a relationship are:


                1) To reference data in table A from table B (such as the students' names in an email).

                2) To keep a record of which emails match up with which students.


                You can accomplish purpose (1) via a temporary relationship using a global field. Purpose (2) would likely need a join table, since each email could go to many students, and each student could receive many emails (many-to-many).


                Like David said, you need to define the parameters of what you're trying to accomplish. This will drive your design.

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                  MIke / David - Thank you for the information and as you can clearly see, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the "relationship" thing.  I'm used to working where deciding on relationships is done pretty much on the fly and with Filemaker, you need to decide this ahead of time.


                  I'm going to do a little thinking about what I need to track and what I don't need to.  I may post again after some thought.