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How can I make a report page break occur where I want?

Question asked by jmci on Nov 6, 2014
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I have designed a report layout that contains the following parts:

Title Header part

Page Header part

2 nested Leading Sub-summary part

Body part

Trailing Grand Summary part

Footer part

Both of the leading sub-summary parts contain objects that slide up also resizing the enclosing part.

When I preview the report I see the first two leading sub-summary part records with their related nested sub-summary part and body part records below them as they should be. The third leading sub-summary part record prints about half way down the page and the remainder of the page is left blank. The nested sub-summary part and body part records related to the third sub-summary part record would have taken far less than the blank space left on the first page so there seemed to be no need for the page to break before them.

This has happened to me before. It seems like something makes FileMaker put in a page brake much earlier than necessary when a part contains objects that slide upward causing the enclosing part to resize. Am I doing something wrong?